About NexGen

NexGen Hyperbaric started as a hospital outpatient hyperbaric provider in Southwest Florida and in short order mastered how to deliver efficient, accredited effective treatment centers to its partners. Wound and hyperbaric medicine share a symbiotic role not only in healing, but in the business of medicine. Commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid have approved hyperbaric medicine for wounds ranging from foot ulcers to crush injuries. Hyperbaric provides strong revenue support for wound centers and wound centers in turn provide patients for the HBO Chamber. NexGen Hyperbaric prides itself on delivering treatment for these injuries in a safe and convenient manner.

Hyperbaric medicine is more than just ulcer therapy, and as NexGen Hyperbaric began to develop a deeper focus, sports medicine was a natural fit. With hospital regulation in our DNA , NexGen sought to apply several of the key best practices and lessons learned in the hospital outpatient environment into creating world class, turn-key hyperbaric medicine programs for top athletic programs around the country. By helping top athletic teams and athletes to use HBO and advanced injury / wound care modality NexGen is quickly becoming a leader in the Orthopedic and athletic community.

“Speeding Up Recovery and Healing Patients and Athletes Everywhere”®

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